Pet Urine Stains and Odor Removal from Carpets & Rugs

To remove pet urine it is important that you first understand how the odor is caused, and what deodorization need to be implied. It will then be easy to choose and apply the most effective and relevant procedures that we provide.

The components of freshly excreted urine are uric acid, which is just basically acidic. Other constituents incorporate compounds, cholesterol, urea and follow measures of other chemicals. The smell is immediately produced as the water dissipates. That is the reason it becomes more grounded under damp conditions, or when the carpet is wet.These urine salts become reproducing grounds for microorganisms, whose metabolic side effects additionally add to the awful odor.

Incidentally, the yellowish shading is an aftereffect of fast oxidation of acidic portions in the urine.

To deodorize the carpets we have multiple methods including applying the following products:

Odor Substitutes. These will veil the smell by exchanging it for one with a more charming odor – like body perfumes.

Combiners. These will match and respond with the odor atom and kill it.

Catalysts. These will separate proteins and overview waste solids so that the odor creating microorganism kicks the bucket for the absence of nourishment.

Disinfectants. These will eliminate microscopic organisms, however, will have no impact on other chemicals that may be the wellspring of the odors

One potential issue with urine smell expulsion from carpet is that the urine spots may not be promptly visible. Now and again, the yellow stain may not show up, and this is especially hazardous, particularly when the rug or carpeting is orange or chestnut in shading. The answer for this is to utilize a bright or dark light to find the stains, which will become visible under these conditions.

If there is too much lighting in the room, it will most likely be important to utilize an ultraviolet light source.

Once the issue area is identified, it needs to be washed to remove the antacids and the buildups on the carpet fibers. Our carpet cleaning experts have suitable urine treatment spotters who can get the job done.

The last step is to clean the carpets completely, with our consistent carpet cleaning procedures. Steam cleaning is a good idea.

As a rule, we advise restricting the use of odor substitutes because they truly don’t remove the smell from the carpet, and just put off the issue for some time.