Top Area Rug Cleaning Company

When you need your rugs cleaned, restored or if you would like to have, a stain removed we have the certified experts who can help. Our professionals provide rug cleaning in Ottawa that is simply outstanding. We also provide the highest service at prices that will surprise you.

Whether the job is for a Persian rug, silk, wool or any other type of material we can handle the task with professionalism and expertise. We work with our customers and our clients to ensure that they get what they need. First, we set up a quick appointment to view the rug and to understand the type of material that it is made of. Once we do that, we then get to work to use the most advanced techniques and methods to clean the rug in the most efficient manner possible.

Our Ottawa rug cleaning service is considered by many to be the top service in all of Ontario and Quebec. Our professionals are IICRC certified, and we have helped thousands of homeowners restore their carpets and rugs to a state where they look as if they are brand new.

When you need the most reliable rug cleaners, then give us a call. The experts that we employ will arrive at your home quickly and will get to work right away. You will be surprised at the efficiency of our work. Rugs can be very expensive, so you do not want to trust them to anyone. Only trust the professionals to handle a task that is as delicate as area rug clean up.  We use only the safest and most advanced methods, and we also have the best equipment that will make it safe to use for all your area rugs and other carpets.

We use many different types of techniques to perform the rug cleansing operation. Some of these methods are wet while other are dry. Some of the dry methods are suitable for rugs that are on top of hardwood floors because they will not wet or affect the flooring. Others use steam and water to deodorize and deep penetrate the rugs to remove all bacteria, dust and other harmful elements from it.

It is also part of our job to apply stain protection to the fabric so it will be difficult for future stains to occur. Our methods are standard and abide by the highest industry standards. Give us a call to find out more about the most advanced area rugs cleaning company in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.